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Other than constant watering, who's playing in the garden in this summer heat? NOT ME! If you need a "flower fix", this is a good place to find it!

Use our blog to brag on your blooms (or at least the ones you had in cooler weather) by posting photos and comments. Ask questions of your fellow club members and share tips. You don't have to limit it to Daylilies...most of us garden addicts grow lots of other things as well. Between us all we have literally hundreds of years of experience (well, it's true). Let's take advantage of that and share our passion here. Most importantly, have fun!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Hey Milton, those blooms are beautiful. You and Art both need to sell some at our October plant sale.

Plumeria Blooms

Plumeria - Tillie Hughes
Plumeria - Pink Cloud

Plumeria - Radish

Plumeria - Scott Pratt

Plumeria - Common Red


This is my Plumeria collection. Plumerias are lots of fun to grow. I move my Plumerias to the greenhouse in November for the winter and then replant them in the garden after April 1. Moving them back and forth is lots of work because of the number of plants I have, but the reward is the blooms in Spring, Summer and Fall.

Sunday, June 22, 2008


Art - the pictures of the plumerias were beautiful. When we were at the Leffingwell's for the garden tour, they had many plumerias with many of them blooming. While we were at the convention, Bobbie Brooks of Gloustershire (sp), MA wanted to know why the Shimek's had deadsticks planted in their garden - why didn't they just pull them out. I laughed and explained to them that they were plumerias and hadn't started blooming yet. My daughter has one that I gave her (via the Payne's) from my garden about 6 years ago. It is never dug up for the winter (she lives in the Spring area right off I-45) and it blooms constantly throughout the bloom season. She lives in a subdivision and it is protected from the winter cold. It is now about 10' tall.

Here is a picture of one that I took at the Leffingwell's this June.

Saturday, June 21, 2008


for several years now, i have used plumerias
as companion plants for the daylilies. it does
involve some work because i dig them out in
the winter and plant them back feb-mar. but
this time of the year one enjoys the pay off,
they bloom profusely. it is worth a try!!!


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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Exotic Rhythm

Visual Difference Inez Tarrent

Brittney Lynn Murry Inez Tarrant

Interesting Idea

I think this blog idea is going to be a lot of fun - - - and informative. I have no pictures to share right now but may have pictures later. I'm just "getting my feet wet" in the use of (posting to) this new blog.

Milton Nollkamper
lotus plants and flowers. these are last years blooms. it has been late this year. it goes dormant in the winter and the leaves start coming out in spring and subsequently blooms. the roots and bulbs are completely submerged in water. it then makes seedpods which are edible. this year i have a red that is ready to bloom. enjoy adimp

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Night Blooming Cereus

I was very excited to see my Night Blooming Cereus perform for the first time last week. I've kept it in the greenhouse and just happened to notice the buds that appeared seemingly overnight! So I wagged the whole thing into the house, popped some popcorn and watched the show. The buds slowly bloomed from 9 PM to about midnight. When fully opened, the flowers were about 8" in diameter (including the tendrils on the back). They smelled heavenly but by morning they had closed. - Donah

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

more garden photos
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brazosport daylily society garden tour june 2008
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h. dark monkey (GOZZARD 2007) a real bloomer!!!

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h. lake jackson beauty. this is the photo in the back cover of the summer 2008 daylily journal.

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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Other Perennials - Amaryllis

Charisma - purchased from Florida Grower

Hermitage - purchased from Florida grower.

Birthday Gift - Stain Glass Window - with
Mother's amaryllis underneath

Perhaps the largest amaryllis I own. My mother
gave this to me many years ago and it's babies
have been scattered all over the beds. It always
blooms 4 huge blooms on each stalk.

Double - from my Mother

Laughing Clown -obtained from Ace Hardware
on Telephone Road - now no longer sells

Dancing Queen - I purchased this beautiful triple from an amaryllis farm that also sold daylilies. It was located in Florida. The bulbs that arrived were growing size for that spring.
These amaryllis pictures don't show the old faithful Apple Blossom - a variety that can be purchased from Wal-Mart. I once had a display that a neighbor had a friend visiting and asked if it was real. The real good deal can be obtained after the "season" to get and plant them for the next year's display. Purchased several this way and got them for $1.38 each. Can't wait for next year to see them blooming underneath my rose - Climbing Pinkie

Whites in my Garden - 2008

This is Dan Hansen's Prayerful Vigilance* '03 - It is new to my garden this year and it really is white.

Another white

This is Spacecoast Snow Angel - Kinnebrew '96

Magic Mandolin

This is Magic Mandolin - E.H. Salter '05. This is a much have daylily. It sends up new rebloom before the first scape is finished. The colors hold up nicely in the hot sun as mine gets no shade whatsoever.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Donah's Blooms

Here are a few pictures from my garden:

H. "Octopus Hugs" (Stamile 2000)

H. "Clear Across America" (Houston, 2003)

H. "Spacecoast Cotton Candy" (Kinnebrew-J., 2001)

H. "Spacecoast Easy Rider" (Kinnebrew-J.,2001) H. 'Lavender Blue Baby' (J. Carpenter 1996)

We can also use this blog to communicate questions & answers. This way every member can benefit from the exchange.

Example: I might post a question such as...

"My Dayliles are being chewed up by a bug of some sort. Does anyone have suggestions how to get rid of the critters?"

Any member with answers can post a reply.

You will notice at the bottom of the Blog, there are links to other sites of interest. You can also click on the AHS logo to go directly to that site.

These are just a few ideas of how we can use the blog. Any suggestions, including additional links, are welcome. Experiment....... It's our Blog, so have fun!

Blue Skies & Abundant Blooms,

Donah Bohannon